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The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL) was organized in 1990 in Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis, MN. Initially it was called "Gays Against Abortion," but changed in early 1991 to the current name. The founder was Tom Sena, of Washington, D.C., and the first president, Philip Arcidi, of Concord, Mass., was first elected in 1994. The current president, Cecilia Brown, of Ocala, Fla., was installed in 2000.

There are over 800 individuals on the mailing list, of whom about one third are women. PLAGAL is a Massachusetts-based 501(c)(3) corporation, governed by a board of directors of nine members.

We have sponsored forums on abortion and breast cancer — anticipating more general public recognition of the highly probable link — and preventing HIV infection in the children of HIV+ mothers. We have participated in the annual January 22nd March for Life since 1991, local Pride events in DC, Philadelphia, and Boston, the 1993 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Equal Rights, and a number of demonstrations and counterdemonstrations. We have surprised, confounded, confronted, and enraged both pro-lifers and pro-choicers.

PLAGAL publishes a newsletter two to three times yearly, entitled "PLAGAL Memorandum," and several brochures presenting pro-life arguments to the lesbian and gay communities. PLAGAL has submitted numerous articles and letters to the editor to lesbian and gay print media, some of which have actually been published. In addition, PLAGAL has received media attention in both straight and lesbian and gay media at both national and a number of local levels.

And we hope that we are doing some good.

We can be contacted at PLAGAL, Post Office Box 3005, York, PA 17402; by voicemail at (202) 223-6697, and through our contact page. Our home page, where you will find an archive of PLAGAL publications, is found at http://www.plagal.org.


We, the members of PLAGAL, have this to declare and bear witness to, regarding the appalling violence surrounding the abortion issue.

Let it be it known, that we value the lives of ALL involved: mother, father, child, doctor, nurse, lover, BORN and UNBORN.

We utterly reject as False the notion that abortion will be stopped by killing the abortionists and/or those who work/volunteer at abortion clinics. Furthermore, we believe that those who carry out such violent acts are doing so in direct opposition to the spirit and ideals of the pro-life movement, and have neither home nor refuge with us.

We stand united in the knowledge that abortion, like all bad ideas, cannot be stopped with bombs and bullets, and perhaps not even ballots, but must instead be replaced with better alternatives.

Towards this end PLAGAL was formed: to challenge the notion of abortion as acceptable, to bear witness to the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Trangendered (GLBT) community that abortion rights and GLBT rights are not one and the same, and to work towards those alternatives that are life-affirming as well as pro-woman.