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Two leaders of the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL) will canvass Chicago's NortHalsted Market Days this Saturday and Sunday (14-15 August 1999) in hope of bringing the pro-life message to the lesbian and gay community of Chicago.

PLAGAL Vice-President Cecilia Brown, of Cleveland, Ohio, and Secretary-Treasurer Joe Beard of Washington, DC, will staff Space No. 261 on North Halsted Street, during the twenty two hours of Market Days on Saturday and Sunday.

Brown, who has lead the Cleveland operations of PLAGAL for the past five years, stated that, "Chicago has had a large and vibrant straight pro-life movement for the past twenty six years. It is time now for the lesbians and gays to join their work and assist their efforts on behalf of the unborn. We hope our efforts will uncover and activate lesbian and gay pro-lifers in the Chicago area."

PLAGAL, organized in Minneapolis and Washington, DC, in 1990, has over 900 members nationwide, but less than twenty in the Chicago area. It has sponsored seminars on abortion and breast cancer, and on preventing HIV infection in unborn infants. The organization has participated in Lesbian and Gay Pride events in Boston, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. This is its first appearance at a Chicago lesbian and gay event.