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The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL), the nation's largest gay right to life organization announced their congratulations to Scott Evertz on his appointment as Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy by President Bush.

"We are extremely pleased that the highest ranking, openly gay individual in the Bush Administration is also someone who recognizes the sanctity of all human life, born and unborn, healthy and disabled, gay and straight," stated Cecilia Brown, President of PLAGAL. "Mr. Evertz's appointment is tangible evidence that the new Administration is honoring its promise to build bridges between communities which are stereotypically perceived as being at odds." Evertz has demonstrated a strong history of commitment to both the gay rights movement and to the pro-life movement, as well as an undeniable record of service to people living with HIV/AIDS.

PLAGAL wishes to encourage some of the pro-life organizations who oppose homosexuality to support the appointment of Evertz; by the same token, PLAGAL is asking the GLBT rights organizations who support unrestricted abortion on demand, to support Evertz.

"The fundamental teaching of the pro-life movement for the past 28 years has been that life is a continuum, beginning at conception and ending only at natural death. The value of life is not diminished by disability, whether physical, mental, or viral. Scott Evertz has reflected a keen recognition of this teaching in his support for not only the HIV/AIDS community, but also for the right to life of the unborn. The hypocrisy of the situation becomes unfortunately most evident when a pro-life organization would announce their opposition to a fellow pro-lifer simply because he is gay," Brown went on, "But the appearance of hypocrisy also cannot escape the gay rights organizations who would oppose a gay man committed to the gay rights movement and to serving the needs of the HIV/AIDS community simply because he is pro-life."

PLAGAL is asking its members, regardless of their political affiliation, to send thank you letters to President Bush for his courageous appointment of Evertz.

"We hope to counter some of the unfair criticisms that are being directed at Mr. Evertz by both some pro-life and some gay rights organizations," Brown concluded, "Scott Evertz understands what PLAGAL has been declaring for over 10 years, 'Human rights start when human life begins.'"

The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL) was organized in 1990 to advance the pro-life message within the lesbian and gay community. PLAGAL is a 501(c)(3) Massachusetts-based corporation with nation-wide membership and active groups in several major cities in the United States. More information about PLAGAL may be found at