Action Items

During 1998, there are several items PLAGAL would very much appreciate your doing --

  1. If you see an article written or submitted by PLAGAL in your local lesbian and gay newspaper, send it to the National Office. We would like to know what is being printed. (You will know what is submitted because we will e-mail it to all of you). If you have any friends at the local lesbian and gay newspaper, talk with htem about printing the articles that PLAGAL submits -- or write one of your own.
  2. Start thinking about a PLAGAL presence at your local Gay Pride. It is not too early even now. Call your local contact if you have one, or call the national office.
  3. If you are in the Washington, DC area, or even if you are not, plan to come by the 1998 Annual Meeting of PLAGAL. 1747 "S" Street, NW, DC 20009. 7:30 PM on Wednesday night.
  4. March for Life at 11:30, Ben Franklin's statue, 12 and Penn. At 4:15 we have an appointment with Congressman Tom Davis of Virginia. Plan to be your most persuasive.