December 5, 2000
Issue No. 39

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A Newsletter for Members and Friends of the
Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians



Once again it is time to start thinking about the annual March For Life that is held in Washington D.C. on January 22. Plagal plans to participate this year just as we have for the last nine years. It is unknown if the March President, Miss Nellie Gray, will issue an order to keep PLAGAL out of the march. Even if we are threatened with arrest, PLAGAL plans to participate even if it means we are arrested. We will not allow our voices to be silenced. WE ARE PART OF THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT!!!! The pro-life movement needs all the supporters that we can get. We are asking that as many PLAGAL members and supporters as possible come down to Washington DC and be part of the march under the PLAGAL banner. Throughout the past year PLAGAL has received many letters in support for PLAGAL's participation in the March For Life. Many of these letters also displayed their dismay at the March For Life organization.

Just as we have in years past, we will meet in front of the Old Post Office, at the corner of Pennsylvania and Twelfth Street, Northwest, in Washington, DC, at 11:30 A.M., on Monday January 22, 2001. We hope to see many of you there. We will then proceed to the corner of Fifteenth Street and Constitution Avenue, Northwest, where we intend to join in protesting the violence of abortion.



How time goes by so fast when you are doing what you believe to be right! Just ten years ago PLAGAL was founded by Tom Sena who felt that there should be an organization for those like himself, were both pro-life and part of the GLBT community. Now ten years later, hundreds of new members and friends, lots of visibility, and hard work from many volunteers, we are a strong presence not only in the pro-life community but the GLBT community as well. Join us in a celebration of our tenth year anniversary as PLAGAL celebrates with a reception to be held on Sunday, January 21, 2001,between 6:00p.m. and 8:00 p.m., at the Arts Club of Washington at 2017 Eye Street, NW. The reception will have an open bar and a light buffet, and is the particularly generous gift of an unnamed PLAGALite.


All members and friends of PLAGAL are invited to participate in the annual meeting of PLAGAL. It will be held at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 21, 2001 immediately following the Tenth Anniversary Reception at the Arts Club. Future plans for PLAGAL as well as other issues will be discussed at the meeting.


With Joe Beard not seeking re-election for Secretary/Treasurer, PLAGAL will be changing how it handles everyday business. Joe's former jobs will be broken down into smaller sections. The following is a list of the individuals who graciously volunteered to take over different aspects, what they will be in charge of, and how you can contact them. The Nominating Committee has nominated them for the offices corresponding to the jobs they have volunteered to do.



New York City -- It was a pleasure to be present at the first meeting of PLAGAL's New York City chapter last evening, Nov. 10. Norah Vincent, columnist for "The Village Voice" was one of the attendees. We discussed ways to get the pro-life message out in the LGBT community. We are planning a forum on the topic; to be held, hopefully, at New York University. Our next meeting is scheduled for Wed., Dec. 13. Hope to see some new faces! If you have any questions, contact Tim Cravens at

Cleveland, Ohio -- Members and friends of PLAGAL in Cleveland, Ohio, will have a meeting on December 13th, 7:00 p.m., at the home of President Cecilia Brown, 4042 Fulton Rd Apt A-14, Cleveland, Ohio 44144. Any questions or to ask for directions email at or call 440-734-8178. Plenty of parking is available.

There have been many inquiries for chapter information. PLAGAL has been mainly contacts and individuals but few active chapters. Anyone interested in getting started a chapter in your area please let Cecilia Brown know at . It is not very difficult to get started and chances are we have members already in your area just ready to become more active. We have members and friends all across the US, Canada, and even members overseas. Think about maybe getting a few members together to have a booth at Pride, host a fundraiser for a crisis pregnancy center, or maybe participate as a group at a local pro-life event.



It is a good thing when PLAGAL participates in any local gay and lesbian event. Not only does it give us more visibility but it also gives us the opportunity to get the pro-life message out to the GLBT community. Here are a few highlights from events that were reported.


With more people reaching out to the world via the Internet, PLAGAL does not want to be left out. We now offer PLAGAL members and friends to get connected with other PLAGAL members and friends. PLAGAL now has a list serve in which you can take part in discussions involving PLAGAL and pro-life issues. To get hooked up just email

For those of you who don't want to be part of a discussion group but who want to be able to get the newsletter by Internet, action alerts as well as other important information by email you can sign up for our information only list. Contact Christopher Hinkle at


Steve Cook, Contact for the San Jose area, has been offered to be temporary chair of the San Jose Pro-Life Council (affiliated with National Right to Life). As far as we know he is the first open GLBT member to hold this position. Congratulations Steve!!!! Way to go! A lot of work has gone into the planning of the tenth anniversary celebration. We would like to thank the Anniversary Committee, Chairman David Styers, Honorary Chairman Tom Sena, Joe Beard, John Buckley, Chris Hinkle, and one who wishes to remain nameless (you know who you are). We know that you will make this an event that will be both memorable and fun.Not a lot of people think about what it takes for the memorandum to arrive at their mailbox. We would like to thank those in the DC area who have spent time putting together the memorandum, stuffing, stamping, sorting, and addressing envelopes. These people are Patrick Roswell, John Walker, Tom Sena, Joe Beard, Mike Duffy, Mike Ferens, and John Buckley. We hope we did not forget anybody. If we did, our deepest apologies. For ten years now the members in the DC area have put together the newsletter. This is the last edition to be put out in the DC area. Operations for the Memorandum will now be in Cleveland, Ohio. I am sure the DC area members can tell the Cleveland, Ohio members how much fun "stuffing parties" can be.A special thank-you for those who open up their homes for PLAGAL members as they attend PLAGAL business away from home. Especially in the DC area where hotel rooms are at a high cost. Without you many of our members could not participate at these events. A great big thank-you to Chris Hinkle in all his hard work on putting together and maintaining the list serve. It has been a very valuable tool for PLAGAL members and friends. It has allowed us to share ideas, pass on information, and get into some interesting discussions.

The following members are part of the committee to look into whether PLAGAL should expand the issues we are focused on. Maria Krasinski, Jim Keifer, Chancellor C "Buddy" Roberts, II, Albert Feco, and Michelle Akelcheta. All have different perspectives and feelings on the issue. It will be a challenge indeed for this group to come up with a recommendation for the board to vote on. We thank you for the time you put in so far and look forward to finding out the final recommendation.


Sometimes the hard work of someone goes unnoticed until the time comes when that person is no longer participating in the same capacity as in the past. This is especially true when it comes to Joe Beard. Joe is our current secretary and treasurer. He has held that position for the last 10 years and has decided for personal reasons not to seek reelection at our Annual Meeting. Many PLAGAL members do not know Joe or how much he has meant for PLAGAL. Joe has given thousands of volunteer hours for PLAGAL. He has kept PLAGAL running smoothly. The board of directors as well as all the contacts for PLAGAL have relied on Joe to keep us informed and connected. Joe had many duties that he gladly preformed. He coordinated Pride events, handled the email account, took care of all aspects of the newsletter, kept all records for PLAGAL, and handled all the financial books and accounts. Joe worked very hard and is indeed deserving of a much needed rest. Joe says he will still remain a member of PLAGAL and will continue to volunteer at PLAGAL events. We wish Joe Beard much luck on future endeavors. We all wonder what he is going to do with all the spare time he will now have?


During the 2000 Annual Neeting some members of PLAGAL brought up the issue of PLAGAL expanding our focus to include doctor assisted suicide and euthanasia and the death penalty. (Currently PLAGAL is a single issue organization. We focus on the issue of abortion on demand only.) This brought up some heated debate and it was decided that a committee would be assigned to research the issue and report its findings to the board. The committee has asked that the following questionnaire be filled out by all members of PLAGAL. The deadline for submission is December 20, 2000. You can either email your answers to Rachel MacNair, or you can mail them to Maria Krasinski, P.O. Box 745, Mt. Sinai, NY 11766. If you wish to respond by email, copy the section below and paste it into your email first, and then answer the questions.

Please put an X in the bracket to indicate what you believe is the best for the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

  1. completely single issue, abortion only
    [ ] Strongly Favor[ ] Good Idea[ ] No opinion[ ] Bad Idea[ ] Unacceptable
  2. add euthanasia and assisted suicide
    [ ] Strongly Favor[ ] Good Idea[ ] No opinion[ ] Bad Idea[ ] Unacceptable
  3. add death penalty
    [ ] Strongly Favor[ ] Good Idea[ ] No opinion[ ] Bad Idea[ ] Unacceptable
  4. Do you see a direct connection between gay rights and the euthanasia issue?
    [ ] yes[ ] no
    If yes, please comment on what it is:

  5. Do you see a direct connection between gay rights and the death penalty issue?
    [ ] yes[ ] no
    If yes, please comment on what it is:

Again please remember the deadline for submission is December 20, 2000.

Thank you all in advance for your participation.







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