December 2001
Issue No. 41

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A Newsletter for Members and Friends of the
Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians



The Board of Directors of the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians will meet on Monday the 21st of January 2002 at 7:30 P.M. at the Dignity Center. The Dignity Center is located on Capitol Hill in Washington DC at 721 8th St. SE. The closest metro stop is Eastern Market station and it's a three-block walk from there. This meeting is open to all who are interested. It is a time where concerns and ideas are voiced and elections are held. Only board members may vote but the general membership can make their voices heard at this time.

It has become a tradition for PLAGAL members and friends to meet at 11:40 A.M. at the statue of Benjamin Franklin in front of the Old Post Office at the southeast corner of Twelfth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Then, we go as a group to the march. As always the March for Life will begin with a Rally at the Ellipse just south of the White House at Noon on Tuesday, January 22, 2002. After the usual speeches, at about 1:30, the march will proceed up Constitution Ave past the Justice Department Building, the National Gallery of Art, the Federal Courthouse, and the Senate Office Buildings, and will end at the Supreme Court Building.



Please take note that we have changed our email address. It is now We will no longer be using the

Are you hooked up the Internet? Find out about action alerts and other stuff quickly. Sign up for the PLAGAL official email list. It is confidential and it is an outgoing/information list only. Average mailings: 1 per month. Contact to sign up. If you look at your mailing label it will either have a check mark or a x in a box. If there is a x then we do not have an email address for you. Please consider passing on your email address. We are trying to conserve time and money by doing as much as possible on the Internet versus long distance phone calls and snail mail.

Do you like to chat with others about PLAGAL and the pro-life cause? Then the listserv is for you. Average mailings (depending on topic): 2 per day. Contact to sign up.



You will find that there are two brochures attached to this mailing (print version). They are updates to the pink brochure, "VICTIMS: GAYS, LESBIANS... AND THE UNBORN," and the blue brochure, "THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE GAY "PROBLEM"." You can help pass these brochures around by making copies and taking them to your local GLBT service center, passing them out to other GLBT organizations or anyone who may be interested. We are always hearing people tell us that they did not know we existed and that they are glad we are here. Help spread the word. If you need copies and are unable to do them yourself contact Cecilia at and we will get copies out to you as soon as possible.


A message from the President

Hello Everyone,
I am hoping that with this newsletter we are finding that everyone had a safe and happy holiday. It seems that so much has happened since the last newsletter. Many people were receiving their copies of the last newsletter during the time of great tragedy for this nation. I know that those of us on the listserv were greatly concerned about our PLAGAL members and friends not only in New York City but Washington DC as well. We were greatly relieved that to the best of our knowledge no one was injured or killed. Everyone checked in within a few days with good news. With the tragedy of September 11th most of us have turned our focus onto New York City. The most appalling thing that I had heard was that Planned Parenthood thought they would help out by offering abortion free of charge to those who were affected by the bombings. In my mind I could not help but wonder with so much death and destruction already, why would they think of adding to it? I am in agreement with President Bush when he says we need to get on with our lives. I see that Planned Parenthood wasted no time in getting back to business as usual. We as pro-lifers need to get back to helping women in need as well. All non-profit groups are talking about how since the attacks Americans have not been giving financially as much as they have in the past. I know in the Cleveland area, many people lost their jobs or just gave so much money to help out with September 11th. They don't have much to give. While money is important, time is just as equally important. Maybe this next year you may want to work with a crisis pregnancy center, help establish a PLAGAL chapter in your area, work with a group of other PLAGALites in your area and host a baby shower or help with the local crisis pregnancy centers fundraiser. We must not forget that just because we suffered through a tragedy as a nation, the problems of the world have not ended. Women still are having crisis pregnancies and we must be there to help them.



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Chapter Info, Individual Reports and bits and pieces

The PLAGAL website received an award from Pink Links for our great web site. You can see their link at the bottom of the webpage at

New York City Chapter continues to meet each month on the fourth Wednesday at 7:00 PM at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center. They participated in the walk-a-thon for a local crisis pregnancy center.

Board Member Joe D'Amour addressed AIDS IN INDIA Conference at Harvard in December. Conference Title: INDIA, THE NEXT EPICENTER OF THE AIDS EPIDEMIC? A CALL TO ACTION! Was sponsored by the International Health Organization -- founded by Indians at Harvard in 1992, it is a humanitarian NGO operating in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. To find out more visit their web site at

New York State Right to Life Committee posted an article on PLAGAL; it can be seen at Click on "Go to News and Alerts" at the bottom of the first page. The story is in the list of stories for December 5.

PLAGAL President Cecilia Brown spoke at a meeting of the Washington University Students for Life in St. Louis, MO, on October 25th, 2001.

PLAGAL-PAC held their first champagne reception on December 30th, 2001, at the Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center in New York. $540 was raised to help PLAGAL-PAC. PLAGAL-PAC is a political action committee which raises money to support candidates who are both pro-life and pro-gay and works to educate officeholders about the pro-life message from the perspective of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. For more information on PLAGAL-PAC contact Tim Cravens at or Mike Ferens at

PLAGAL, along with other organizations, sponsored Celebrate Life Film Series that was held by the Cornell Coalition for Life last April.

Contact Bill Caldwell recently retired from the Respect Life committee for the Western WA Catholic Church. The Archbishop of Seattle recognized him for all of his hard work. Bill continues to work for the pro-life cause by working for PLAGAL and other pro-life activities.

Special thanks go to the Cleveland Chapter of PLAGAL. They put together the newsletter and mailed it out. All hands were greatly appreciated and we had fun doing it.


Pride Events & Local contacts

Soon it will be pride season. Now is the time to start planning booths at local GLBT pride events. If you can help by running pride booths or organizing a PLAGAL booth please contact as soon as possible.

We are asking that local contacts find out when the GLBT pride event is in their area as well as the info on booth space. We are trying to expand the number of Pride booths this year. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

We are updating our local contact information. If you are a contact and have moved, changed your email address, changed phone numbers, or any other information, please contact us immediately. We found that some information for contacts was not correct. If you wish to be removed from the contact list let us know. If you wish to be added on to the contact list let us know as well.


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