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PLAGAL submits the following on behalf of Mr. Dubson-Sage, as either an op-ed or as a letter to the editor.


Lesbians and gay men who are pro-life often are asked, "How can you be gay and be against abortion?" The counter question, of course, is that, "How can anyone be gay and be for abortion?" Why have so many gays and lesbians decided that abortion rights are something they should support?

Supposedly, this support is based on Roe v. Wade. The Roe v. Wade ruling interpreted the ambiguous language of the Ninth Amendment to mean that the decision to terminate a pregnancy is protected by a newly enlarged right to privacy. But for lesbians and gay men this privacy right is irrelevant. While the 1973 Supreme Court ruled that abortion was a constitutionally protected privacy right, the 1986 Supreme Court ruled that consensual homosexual relations were not.

Putting aside this illusion, to be pro-abortion is to be anti-gay. The fact that the religious and the political right are both anti-abortion and anti-gay is simply an expected inconsistency in an already warped agenda, as is the pro-gay posturing that trickles down from the upper echelons of the pro-abortion feminists. This society is almost totally pro-abortion and anti-gay because the ultimate force at work in both cases is heterosexism!

Why do abortions occur? They occur because heterosexual men and women engage in sexual relations without taking appropriate precautions, without having respect for each other (particularly male for female), without having respect for the life they're creating -- because of the passion of the moment. But could it be more than just passion? Could it be also the force of heterosexism that, as it punishes homosexuals for being homosexual, demands constant proof of heterosexuality? Consider the following:

"Hey, Billy, are you getting any yet? Or are you a faggot?" So he coerces a girl into sex, she gets pregnant and gets an abortion. Is that a victory for gay rights?

"Hey, Billy, I want you to give it to me like a man. Or are you a faggot?" So he gives it to her, she gets pregnant and gets an abortion. Is that a victory for gay rights?

"Hey, Gloria, I want you, baby. Lets do it. What's the matter? Are you a Lezzie?" So she gives in, she gets pregnant, and she gets an abortion. (And probably lodges a sexual harassment claim en route to the clinic.) Is that a victory for gay rights?

"Listen, girlie, if you don't put out for me, I'm going to take what I want from you now right here and now." So he takes, she gets pregnant, and she gets an abortion. Is that a victory for gay rights?

Heterosexual intercourse in our heterosexist patriarchy has always been seen as a man's right, his privilege, his proof of masculinity. Males are encouraged to sow their wild oats to prove their heterosexuality to themselves, to their friends, to their families, to their women, to their society, and that proof can take on a multitude of forms -- coercion, sexual harassment, rape. The same group of men that will beat up a man who openly, honestly, sincerely loves another man will slap a buddy on the back for a vigorous, resourceful, and "well done" seduction of a woman.

Abortion is at the other end of the process. When the force of heterosexism has led to irresponsible or violent heterosexual sex, abortion is the "solution" which makes the "problem" go away. It allows the force of heterosexism to not only go unchecked, but be reinforced. After twenty hideous years of over a million abortions performed each year in this county, nobody, Nobody, NOBODY has criticized or questioned the role of heterosexual intercourse or anti-gay heterosexism in those numbers.

The fact that abortion is presented as a "Woman's Right" is the biggest irony of all. Far from advancing the cause of women, abortion on demand has hurt their cause by reinforcing male lust and sexism, the very things Feminism opposes. Men still get away with it, and women are still the ones who endure the trauma of the procedure and life with its painful memories. While pro-choice rhetoric likes to paint an image of happy, successful, sexually liberated women, totally in control of their Vogue/Cosmo/Playgirl lives, the reality is quite different. It's usually "No-Choice" rather than "Choice."

If this society really cared about women, we would not simply be arguing for legalized abortion; we would be arguing and working for the elimination of all unplanned pregnancies. But that requires a serious revision of our attitudes about heterosexuality and heterosexual intercourse, and the force of heterosexism will not tolerate that.

As we continue to see our rights denied and the heterosexual atrocity of abortion protected, we are only fooling ourselves if we continue to support abortion as a gay right. Looking for proof? Consider the allegedly gay-supportive Bill Clinton. Before he got into office, he promised to lift the anti-gay military ban and create an AIDS Czar. We know what happened with the military debacle, and a Czar was not born in Christine Gebbie. And except for powerless platitudes, he has done powerful little to work for gay rights or to stand up against the religious right's assault. But from his first days of office, with almost no opposition, he worked to protect abortion clinics, condoned abortion in pre-natal counseling, gave the go-ahead to Frankensteinish fetal testing, and legalized tax funded abortions for those in the military. As of now, heterosexuals in the military can be open about their heterosexuality, they can enjoy heterosexual sex, procure abortions, and it's all okay, while gay people in the military must hide their identity, deny their sexuality, and remain celibate. Nowhere else can the inhumanity of America's pro-abortion/anti-gay ideology be seen so clearly.

Pro-abortion is anti-gay; anti-abortion is pro-gay. The latter is the only logical, consistent, and moral position for us to take. But many of you may still remain unconvinced. You may still believe that there is some mystical, intrinsic connection between the pro-abortion and the pro-gay positions. If so, why is this connection not universally understood?

In the old Soviet Union, where abortions were as common as breadlines, homosexuals were consistently rounded up, persecuted, and jailed for their homosexuality alone. In modern day Communist China, where they gun down protesting students in the capital, abortions are not only done on a regular basis, they're encouraged -- if not mandated -- by the government: the same government that condemns and forbids homosexuality, and sends those who are homosexual to labor camps to become heterosexual . . . or die.

Closer to home, go to any abortion clinic, and when you see a sixteen year old girl sashay out, go up and ask her what she thinks of homosexuals and homosexuality. "O gross!" she'll probably bellow, the blood still warm on the insides of her thighs from her abortion. "That's disgusting." Asked her what she thinks of abortion, and she's likely to chime what every good brainwashed citizen does: "Every woman has the right to chose to do whatever she wants with her body."

The mystical connection between abortion and gay rights is no more present in the minds of some of the world's most immoral, corrupt, and powerful leaders than it is in the minds of most of the heterosexual pro-abortion people in this county. No one has an abortion as a gesture of good will to the gay community!

It is time that the gay and lesbian community woke up. Abortion is the shame of heterosexuality, the fuel of heterosexism, and the enemy of every homosexual everywhere.