March for Life 2000 Pictures

[image: 44kB] PLAGAL member Christopher Hinkle carries sign before the March.

[image: 28kB] PLAGAL president Moses Remedios in front of the PLAGAL banner as people assemble near starting point of the March for Life at 15th and Constitution.

[image: 33kB] While March is delayed, PLAGAL Secretary/Treasurer Joe Beard joins in discussion with DC police officer.

[image: 33kB] DC police surround PLAGAL group, preventing PLAGAL from participating in March.

[image: 38kB] The PLAGAL logo and the words "Gays" and "Lesbians" are covered to remove terms March organizer Nellie Gray has judged offensive.

[image: 31kB] As PLAGAL members join March, they are interviewed by local TV newspeople.

[image: 39kB] At end of March, near Supreme Court, PLAGAL members are greeted warmly by Fr. Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life ministry of U.S. Catholic Church.

[images: 90kB] This article and photo appeared in the Cleveland Gay People's Chronicle after the march.